1. Steph Bloom Saddle Fitter's Avatar
    Phone - Passport
    OS - BB10.3.2.2474
    PC running Windows 7 Pro
    Windows 365/Office 2013

    I have some contacts/calendar info from Outlook on my Passport which synced successfully at some point (it automatically syncs when I put it in the OEM dock), now I want to pull off the contacts from my BB, hoping it pulls in all FB info etc, into Outlook. When asking it to manually sync contacts and calendar I asked it to do a 1 way sync to the PC, it gave me an error message about my operating system not allowing 1 way sync (IIRC) and now it appears to do it with no error message yet it's not done it.

    Thanks for any help.
    09-16-15 10:43 AM

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