1. go1ndr's Avatar
    Has anyone out there had any success using any software other than link, to sync (not just back up like contact X) from MS Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013 to BB 10 devices and vice-versa? With Link being broken like it is, and the many different scenarios with many users, that have occurred trying to get it to work with this last update, we need another solution to accomplish the task.
    Without the ability to sync both contacts and calendar events, the phone is useless for those of us that depend on it for business appointments and contacts. Right now I'd take any software that will do the correct syncing. Shame that every other OS platform has it-Window phone, iOS, Android but not BB. Amazing to me since BB is known for being the "business person's phone". Thanks for any thoughts you might have. Maybe BB will read this and understand how important this problem is!
    03-19-14 04:20 PM
  2. byex's Avatar
    What exactly is the issue you are having when trying to sync?
    On only 2 occasions have I had link frustrate me. Since last update not a single issue.

    My sync with Outlook contacts and calendar has always worked, it was remote access that gave me headaches a couple times.

    Posted via CB10
    03-19-14 04:25 PM
  3. mkelley65's Avatar
    Use Outlook.com. Setup ActiveSync.
    03-19-14 04:28 PM
  4. go1ndr's Avatar
    Use Outlook.com. Setup ActiveSync.
    I actually have an outlook.com account and the Hotmail connector set up on my PC so both show up on my outlook 2007. When you create an outlook.com account, it sets up a contact folder in outlook 2007 (mine is called JC outlook.com contacts) and when you turn sync on your phone "on" it syncs from that contact folder. What I had to do was empty that folder so it showed nothing in it. Delete and restore the outlook.com account, and then copy and paste the contacts from outlook 2007 which are the good ones, over to the outlook.com contact list and bingo it updated on my phone as well. Only issue is now that I will have to make duplicate copies of any v-card or contact info I get new into both contact lists. What a pain!
    To answer "BYEX's" question, I've loaded and unloaded every version of Link there is and all the newest leaks and none of them work anymore. And, I'm not alone. there are pages of threads on it. The issues started with the 2141 OS and the new version of Link and they haven't stopped. What makes it hard to fix is that there are so many variables with users--like you who has had no problems to me who can only sync my calendar to many who can't sync either. That said, it is what it is and hopefully Blackberry will hear the call, read the threads and fix the problem. Can't use active sync and really not supposed to use outlook.com or any cloud system due to the nature of my work. However I don't think that this problem will be a long time thing and the fix will be out sooner rather than later, at which time, I'll dump the outlook.com contact list.
    03-19-14 07:27 PM

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