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    Hey folks,

    So for a while I haven't been able to run any backup of my PP (10.3.2) - not quick, custom... nothing. I always got the error 'your computer doesn't have enough free storage space. Delete some files and try again.' But I always had at least 3GB if not upwards of 6GB free on my hard drive??

    Today I was determined to get it to work. After hooking up an external drive to free up more space, I finally got it run once I had over 15GB of free space. This for custom backup that ultimately resutled in a 400MB backup file.

    Why in the world would this software need 15GB of space to create a 400MB file?? I'm no programmer, but from what I could monitor, it seems the geniuses that designed this wonderful software made it so Link starts the backup with a file that is the size of a full backup, and then shrinks it depending on the backup settings. Again, I don't know much about programming, but how could this seem like a smart approach to anyone??

    For a company banking its future on software, it astounds me this is what we have to use for backups! It's experiences like this that make me understand more and more why people laugh at me when I say BB is here to stay.

    Anyway, hopefully this helps anyone else having the same issue.
    09-18-15 09:48 AM

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