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    Is it just me or does this happen to everyone. When I want to do a restore using BB Link and one of my BB10 devices, I click on restore (after Link has connected to the device) and it takes 10 to 15 minutes just for link to pull up the dozen or so restore files I have. These files are all in the same folder, Link has the folder identified, they are all of the same file type, Link knows what the file type is.

    Every other program on my computer when simply pulling up a list of files to choose to open one of them takes a second or two, WHY DOES LINK TAKE 10 TO 15 minutes to do that. It makes no sense, Is link going through and evaluating every restore file? If so why not wait till I pick on and just evaluate it, it would be a lot faster.

    Thank you for letting me rant
    03-14-15 10:28 AM

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