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    I recently ran into an issue with the restore content taking forever to load. I left the computer (Desktop) and the phone plugged in for 4hrs and it was still loading restore content.

    Work around: I copied the backup file and put it on my laptop and in 5 minutes my back up files were available for selection and I was done in a couple hours.

    I was baffled why my powerfull SSD powered desktop was so slow and never actually loaded the back up files. I tried uninstalling BB Link and nothing.

    I concluded that my destop has several HDD/SSD and the default User files location has been modified (BBLink was pointed to the correct location)

    However I decided this was somehow messing things up. Prior to this I had when (Win10 was free) updated the OS to Win10. SO i went and reset my PC to fresh. Basically wiped my PC (which is a PITA to resetup but worth it for the speed increase alone). Now I have again moved my default user files location and THEN installed all my software BB Link MS office etc etc and BB Link loads the backup files in a few minutes no problems.

    Hope this helps others.
    12-08-17 09:44 PM

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