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    Hello everyone! It's nice being on a different forum for a change. I get my Q10 tomorrow and will download the newest version of Link at that time ( in order to be able to do the 2-way sync with Outlook 2007 via USB.

    That said, I have read so many different threads on the syncing problems and this seems to be the single biggest issue that is mentioned on these forums.

    So that said, will someone that is successfully syncing both ways between your Q10 and Outlook 2007 or 2010, please explain to me how it is done with regards to the apparent culprits--the local caledar and the Link Calendar.
    I do not use gmail or outlook.com for calendar events, only Outlook 2007 (though my outlook 2007 does sync daily with google calendar via outlook connector--another issue but not relevant to Q10 and Link).

    I've read that Outlook ONLY syncs with the Link Calendar and not the local calendar--which is an issue as if this is the case (and I'm sure it is) how does one for example, "accept" an event invitation sent via email to my Outlook email address?

    Normally I would simply click on "accept" on my 9810 and it would automatically add it to my 9810 calendar, and my Outlook calendar on my PC, but if it can't see the contact address z9as that is synced and stored in the "local/native" contact list), how will I be able to in fact accept the invitation? This is very important for conference calls where you may be on the road or traveling on business and need to accept an invitation or set one up.

    I don't want this to be confusing but for example, I just set up a conference call on my PC for next weds. I went to my calendar on Outlook 2007 and clicked on the day and time, opened up the appointment time and filled in the call in details, etc. Then clicked on "invite attendees" on top of the calendar appointment and entered their email addresses--hit send and bingo it was automatically added to my 9810 calendar, my PC, and my netbook all using Outlook 2007.

    This can't happen if it has to sync with Link Calendar only. As I understand it, it would go to the local calendar instead, if at all with no way to move it to the Link calendar.

    Another example for instand is, what if one of you out there wanted me to join a conference call and sent me the invitation, will I be able to hit "accept" on my Q10 phone and have it added to my calendar on my phone--and if so--which calendar will it go on--the local or the Link calendar?

    I sure hope I haven' t made this too confusing but if someone on here understands my concerns, and knows how to set this up correctly, I would be very appreciative to for the information. I have waited, like many, for what seems like forever to get my hands on the Q10 and now that I am going to, I have some major concerns if it is the correct decision. Thanks a lot for you input and time as always.
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    Thanks for asking these questions, this syncing issue is a major issue for me as well, as you know. And is actually stopping me from investing in my new Q10, I will be very interested in the replies.
    I suppose I'm not really to sure about the different calendars to understand, the only calendar I would want to use is outlook (2010) and whatever is on the Q10.
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    Thanks for asking these questions, this syncing issue is a major issue for me as well, as you know. And is actually stopping me from investing in my new Q10, I will be very interested in the replies.
    I suppose I'm not really to sure about the different calendars to understand, the only calendar I would want to use is outlook (2010) and whatever is on the Q10.
    Hi Davey! Agreed and hope someone can enlighten us. I spoke with Mecca and he said it's a snap to switch devices but he doesn't use outlook like you and I and millions of others so I hope this thread will produce some positive replies. Lots of threads and posts on this but they are not all positive or helpful--mostly confusing if anything. Lets keep our fingers crosses. Hopefully will pick mine up tomorrow. Cheers!
    06-20-13 04:27 PM
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    Is there anyone out there that can confirm for sure that the Q10 and the latest Blackberry Link s/w will effectively 2-way sync via USB my Outlook 2010 (.pst) files from my Windows 8 laptop (i.e. Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Memos)?

    My current Curve 9360 has a defected USB port and I have to replace it right now before my contract even runs out (Telus/Canada). I will not be using the Outlook “Cloud” for my business. If the Link does not sync all entries yet, I will wait for the Q10 later (a big BB fan) and just replace it with a Bold/Curve in the meantime, as I know the BDS works great for me now. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
    06-24-13 02:09 PM
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    Two way syncing with Outlook is the issue that has kept me from checking out the Z10 & the Q10. My 9930 contract was up 2 months ago and was seriously considering the Z until I realized two way syncing wasn't available. So I figured by the time the Q10 showed up it would be available and I could evaluate both phones and get the one that really worked the best. So now the Q10s here and two way syncing is still a problem.

    Everything I do that requires a calendar, business and personal, runs through my Outlook and into my Bold. Or vice versa. Having more than one calendar just isn't going to work for me. Without true, fully functioning two way sync, I can't move. It's as simple as that.
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    06-24-13 05:22 PM
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    I also cannot work without being able to sync Outlook to my BB. Link sees no data source at all, and I suspect it may be that my Office 2010 is 64 bit. The luster is wearing off of my brand new AT&T Q10 real quick now, I waited and resisted switching for this? Where's my torch, I've seemed to have misplaced it. I want to switch back and put this Q10 back in the oven, it's only half-baked.
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    06-25-13 11:05 AM
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    I have the Z10 and when I originally purchased it there was only one way sync. Since the 10.1 software update along with the BB Link update my Z10 does not sync at all. I've been trying since 6/21 to get someone at BB to help me to no avail. I understand it's a new OS and things take time but this is crazy for I have had many issues and have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to fix them. I'm second guessing this purchase.
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    06-25-13 04:09 PM
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    Thank you so much for your feedback. Since I will now be waiting for the Q10 to have the link work as I need it to, should I get the Bold 9900 or the Curve 9320? Any feedback?
    06-27-13 08:04 PM
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    It will only sync the BlackBerry Link Calendar and contacts after installing 1.32 version of link. it's totally baked and useless. Bring back Protect full version.
    07-03-13 10:00 AM
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    I updated the new BlackBerry Link today and I STILL can not sync my contacts. At one time I only had one way sync...two way sync for a few days and now weeks with no syncing of my contacts at all. I think it's just not worth the hassle. I have spent a ton of time trying to fix the many issues I have encountered. Think twice before you buy this product...believe me...I want it to be successful.

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    07-03-13 09:06 PM
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    Ya, pretty bad that this has been an issue since launch.

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    07-04-13 11:05 AM
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    The new link is not working between outlook and z10, can any one help?
    07-06-13 10:45 AM
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    I received an email from Blackberry and it seems a contact picture was corrupted, from Facebook and they will call me Monday with a work around.
    07-07-13 04:46 PM
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    I'm not really sure why so many users are having an issue with syncing with Outlook 2007 or 2010? I guess I'm just one of the lucky ones and glad of it. I have the Q10 which came with 10.1 and have updated with AT&T's update last week. That coupled with the Link version seem to be the magic key for me and syncing.
    I'm not accusing anyone of user error here as there are too many of these posts to not take it seriously but I did a couple of steps that my be of some help to those of you that are having issues.
    First and I think the most important, is that I Uninstalled the previous versions of Link that I had on my PC and also Uninstalled my old BBDM program that I used with my legacy devices. I did the uninstalls using my PC>Control Panel>Programs and Features (W7). I uninstalled every thing that said blackberry except the Blackberry Updater program using control panel and then rebooted my PC! Important step to clear the cashe of old pieces of files that are hanging around. Once it booted back up, I downloaded the Link version and installed it on the PC.
    Next I UNCHECKED all the boxes on Link and started from the top checking what I wanted it to do and what I didn't, keeping in mind that it is only a sync and back up program no matter what anyone calls it. I unchecked the sync when device is hooked up as I want to control the sync not my pc. I only checked the "contacts" and "calendar" to sync and made sure that it was a 2-way sync with Outlook 2007's contacts and calendar. I did not set it to sync media as it was done in the initial device switch and not necessary to sync again. If I want to add songs or videos from my PC, I can drag them over at any time. On back up I checked Partial as again I didn't see the need to back up the media as I have it in a couple of folders on my desktop and laptop if I lost that info. Cut backup and sync time by 80%.
    Then I plugged in my Q10 and clicked on sync calendar and contacts and it did, and continues to sync perfectly every night.
    The only issues that I have had are the first time I did the sync I had duplicate contacts on both my outlook and my device. Not all of them thank God (as I have about 1100 contacts) but probably on 40-50 of them. I stumbled on a fix in the help manual on the phone (of all places to look!) and learned how to link them together on all the contact sources and deleted the duplicates on the Outlook folder on my PC, and once that was done it hasn't happened again.
    I also only have my BBLink calendar checked in the "manage calendar" settings and the same in contacts, but it seems to work fine that way. I have entered calendar and contacts info on my device and it syncs that way as well.
    The only problem I've had at all honestly, was when I tried to do and "additional" ONE_WAY Sync from my Q10 to my laptop where I also installed Link It created a BBLink calendar but did not sync the BBL calendar info to my laptop even though it said "sync completed". I'm not sure why that is but posted a new thread about it but have had no replies. I think it has to do with the "Local Calendar' but not sure how or why yet. Just wish I could give you guys a fix for the issues you are having as thankfully it works for me, but I now feel guilty that it does--LOL Good luck and post any info you come up with. Thanks!
    07-11-13 03:49 PM
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    Most of us have calendars that we have been using for years and were transferred over to new device to local calendar before bblink calendar existed.

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    07-11-13 08:40 PM
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    Thanks for your note...I have pretty much done everything you have done and I still can not sync my calendar and contacts. They need to go back to the old BB Desktop Management software. BB Link is a step back in my opinion.
    07-11-13 08:46 PM
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    Thank you for your post and for the information. I did as you suggested, linking contacts, then deleting previous versions of Device Manager and BB Link, rebooted, then installed the latest version of BB Link. I did a one-way sync for the calendar and contacts and was finally able to sync the contacts. The calendar, however, was a different story. As I understand, and after testing, the only way to sync the calendar, which I use EVERY day, is to have Link as the primary. Unfortunately, I have a lot of data in my calendar, and many of the events are recurring. I'm really hoping that the new device version, 10.2, will resolve this issue, giving BB users the ability to chose which calendar to use and syn. As another user stated, having Outlook only sync with Link prevents us from setting up, accepting and managing meetings between the device and Outlook client. If you come up with a solution to that problem (unless again, 10.2 fixes it), I'm sure I speak for the masses when I say we'd appreciate it much. Have a blessed day, and thank you again.
    10-17-13 10:50 PM

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