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    Hello Friends,
    Since updating to the newest version of ITunes last week my music is missing on my computer potion of Blackberry Link. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Blackberry Link and ITunes but no change. I realize that my Blackberry ID remembers my settings and information... but I don't want it to in this case so I can start over and reset up the ITunes. Any ideas?

    Could be user error, I am not the greatest with computers, any suggestions would be appreciated.
    05-23-16 01:46 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    05-24-16 12:10 PM
  3. fizi's Avatar
    Just ran into this problem myself with my wife's Blackberry.

    Good news: You can fix it by downgrading to iTunes 12.1.3 (https://support.apple.com/downloads/itunes) and not updating it to the latest version after installing it (turn off automatic updates during the install)

    Bad news: Your iTunes library and playlists will not be compatible with 12.1.3 if you've already upgraded to the latest iTunes so you will have to re-create them.

    Alternative solution: Wait for Blackberry to release an update to Link that supports iTunes 12.4.x. I wouldn't hold my breathe since the current version is nearing 1 year old and they are pushing into Android.
    06-21-16 11:38 PM

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