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    I have a Z10 and I am using BlackBerry Link (not Blend, as Blend does not work with Vista).

    I often take videos with my phone camera that I then transfer to my phone's media card.

    I want whatever is on my phone's media card to sync to my PC - including any renaming, etc.

    I was using the Synced Media option within Link to sync the videos but realized that when I renamed video files on the phone after I had already synced on the next sync my PC would keep both the original video (before the renaming) plus the "new" renamed file, causing a lot of duplicates.

    I am now going to try the "Copy to Computer" option within Link - but I have a feeling this is going to work the same way - it will copy whatever I select rather than recognize when a file has been renamed.

    What can I use to make sure whatever is on my phone's media card is reflected on my PC (and vice versa) - would be good that if I renamed a video file on the PC my phone would also show the change...

    01-12-16 01:51 PM

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