1. phb864's Avatar
    2 months ago, I purchased a new Z10 (which works GREAT), and for the first month Blackberry Link worked perfectly, sycing all my music and pictures seamlessly all while backing up the BB. For some unknown reason, 2 weeks ago, Link began to no longer recognize the bulk of the music on my computer, and despite having over 7000 songs on my desktop, it claims that there are only 80 in my library. At the same time, Link began to not allow me to sync my pictures from my BB to my Desktop. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Link software at least a dozen times with the hope each time that it would reinstall "correctly", but it has not worked. I have also went through all forums and help suggestions I could find online in addition to the very scant suggestions in the actual program, and they also have yielded no solution. Any ideas as to how to get Link working for me again?

    It is of note that I have my device AND Link software both updated to most recent available official versions, and I use iTunes as my desktop music source (which I have of course selected in the Link setup as where it should search for my music files).

    Any tips would really be helpful!
    06-01-13 06:58 PM
  2. davidelsey0's Avatar
    Not that it helps you... but I just downloaded and installed BB Link and can't get it to function, open or do anything useful at all.
    06-01-13 08:38 PM
  3. phb864's Avatar
    Sorry to read, man. Hope you're able to sort out your issues with it too!
    06-03-13 02:11 PM

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