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    My music on my machine isn't showing up. The tutorial seems mismatched to my version, so that makes it a bit confusing for me.

    My goal is to sync the music on my PC with my z30 running 10.2.1. I can do a manual sync by using the drive in win explorer but would like to get bb link going automatically, and even better.. via wifi. Have you guys got this going and can share a link with me? Thanks much.

    Other details:
    When I look under This Computer > Music, it shows some of my recent music, but not all of it from %userprofile%/my music either. How can I tell where these files are loading from?
    The source I selected is from WMP, and I don't load that program on a monthly basis even - that's probably what's going on here. Can I just have the source be a directory via some Advanced option?
    12-07-14 02:56 PM

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