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    BACKUP with BB Link: by Hamsterwheel

    Since we all love to upgrade our phones to the latest and greatest OS that comes out, one of the first steps we all need to do is make a backup of our device. Even if you choose not to restore (which JayDee will cover in the next part), it is always prudent to have a backup just in case something goes wrong with your phone. Many times devices can stop working for whatever reason, and to be able to have all your data available is priceless.

    There are many ways to do backups in BB10. Here we are going to discuss usng BB Link, so let's get to it. It's fairly simple and straight forward and worth the time. Trust me.

    1. Connect your phone via USB cable to your pc/laptop

    2. Open Link and once connected you will see this screen:

    3. Navigate to the device you want to backup which will show up on the left side under devices, and click on it. This screen will appear:

    4. Click on Backup Restore from the menu on the left under device, and you will see this. From here you, if you navigate to settings on the right hand side, you can choose where you want to save your backup to, as well as what you want to call it. I just leave it at default, but if you have a place and name you would rather have, then change it here. Further down, you can choose how often you want to do a backup, and if you want a full backup ( which includes App Data, Settings, and Media) or if you want to do a custom backup. I would just go ahead and do a full backup. You can choose what to restore later.

    Once you have chosen your settings, go ahead a click on the backup device button under actions. At this point your backup will begin. DO NOT UNPLUG YOUR DEVICE WHILE THE BACKUP IS BEING CREATED. You will see a progress bar telling you at what stage it is at. Depending on the amount of data you have, this could take up to 45 min.
    Link will then let you know your backup is complete. That's it! Good luck

    RESTORE with BB Link: by JayDee
    I very often avoid BB Link for any number of tasks, but one feature I DO use from it is the RESTORE feature. This can be a life-saver! Especially if something has gone awry on your phone, in your settings, or even if your OS is borked. Hamster has told you how important it is to BACKUP already. So do it! And after something goes wrong, or even after a new OS load, use the RESTORE feature to get your Berry back to perfect running condition!
    1. Connect your phone to your PC with a USB cable

    2. Double Click on the BB Link icon on your Desktop. Link opens to this:

    3. From the side menu, choose BACKUP and RESTORE.

    4. You will see a list of current and old backups. The date is included so you can choose a proper backup.

    From this picture you can see that I have done only one backup and it is dated May 6, 2014.

    5. To select a backup to restore on your phone, click ONCE on the item in the list or highlight it. It turns blue as in the photo below:

    Notice under the backup, you have a choice to RESTORE all data or you can do each of the three areas independently if you choose..

    6. Here is a picture of the restore window and the three different types of information you can RESTORE.
    A little explanation of these choices:
    Application Data- game data, local calendar and contacts saved locally on your phone only, Remember notes.
    Media-Pictures, music and video saved locally on your device memory (NOT on the SD card)
    Settings-any UI tweaks like brightness, notifications and your email setups.

    If you Click on Restore All data, these choices will dim and all information in the backup will be loaded to your phone.

    7. The next step is to click on the RESTORE button at the bottom of the screen. (The button turns blue)

    8. DO NOT TOUCH THE PHONE OR DISCONNECT during this process. Once you start the process, leave the phone alone and do not touch it. Depending on the size of your backup, the RESTORE could take as long as 45 minutes!

    9. Once the RESTORE is finished, BB Link will stop its work and return you to the main page, which has all the details of your connected BlackBerry phone.

    Congrats! You have restored all your precious data! Enjoy your new install!
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    Nice work, Ladies. We needed a clear guide using the latest version of Link.
    05-08-14 09:44 AM
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    No need for any new guide, just do as what is already mentioned in this guide, regardless of any updates, unless the new updates directs you too.

    07-05-14 04:58 AM
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    Does a restore work with an old backup? Example: got 10.2.1 backup and would like to restore it to a fresh leacked 10.2.1 MR?

    Posted via Q10Bold
    07-05-14 05:05 AM
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    I have a choice of backups.

    The world's your oysters depending on what you configure in your new backup you wish to restore later.

    07-05-14 05:43 AM
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    Is Blackberry link for transferring Blackberry folders between computers?
    My old pc was near death so got a new one, and when transferring folders from the old to the new, the Blackberry one said I needed Admin privileges, even though I am the Admin of the 2 computers. The BB folders transferred, but they are empty.

    I'd think a lot of Blackberry users have to do this: transfer files from the old to the new computers.

    (BB Curve and Bold)
    04-20-15 09:15 PM

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