1. chellman621's Avatar
    I've been syncing my Z10 with BB Link for a while with no problems. Last week I was 'meandering' through my phone and changed a few settings. Now when I try to sync the Z10 with my computer I get an error message "unable to access organizer data". I have tried to find the settings I changed and return them to the previous setting but I am still getting the error message. I must be missing something. Can anyone help figure out what I need to change so I can sync my calendar and contacts? Thanks.
    11-09-15 02:11 PM
  2. Terence Seah's Avatar
    I just upgrade desttop BB Link.
    I just updgrade my S. Q5 device software.

    To this error Unable to save name during restore., all the time after many tries.

    I read various suggestions on this forum.
    got to say non work.

    What is your experience and suggestion?

    11-14-15 06:30 PM

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