1. DAVID DEAN3's Avatar
    Over the past three weeks I have experienced intermittent crashes with Link - possibly after an auto-update from Windows or following close-down of my PC and restart. The only remedy that I have presently is to uninstall BB Link, reboot and then re-install. This works fine until the next occasion - which today occurred just 30 minutes after I left the PC (up and running) in order to attend to an urgent phone call. Very irritating. I have looked at several forum threads on this and it seems to be a growing issue for Link running on Win10. Can anyone assist with this please?
    12-01-15 01:28 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Haven't had any issues with LINK or Blend on my three Windows 10 installations.

    If possible try adjusting your power setting so the PC doesn't go into Sleep or Standby mode??

    But it's probable another "device" or software package that is causing the conflict.... trial and error of removing these and testing might be your way to a solution.
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    12-01-15 01:38 PM

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