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    I even did not know the existence of Blackberry Link since the purchase in January until a few days ago I wondered is there any way to backup my apps in my Passport. I searched and found about Link. I knew and used Blend no problem though.

    No problem downloading the newest Link to my Win7/64 but it doesn't backup at all!
    It starts and go slow so I left it connected for a night, but it was cancelled by itself around 5AM according to the history. I tried a few times, but just the same thing!

    I even noticed and shocked when I saw in my Passport all the folders I've made for apps are gone so I have to reorganize everything now!! I had about 30 folders...

    This kinda reminds me using iTune when I was with iPhone. iTune was such a messed up program but so is Blackberry Link???

    I have searched on the net and there are few similar issues around I aware.

    Are there anyone having similar issue and may know the fix!?

    07-30-15 08:05 PM

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