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    This thread is for all of us (and there is a lot) that cannot sync their devices with Outlook 2007/2010/2013 anymore!
    All was working fine until a couple of weeks ago, then it just quit working. BBLink no longer syncs contacts and calendar entries and gives a message that says "Failure to commit changes to device"! It started with the new Link download (actually happened once on previous version which is why I downloaded the newest last week) and after deleting that version and loading on the older version, I am able to sync ONLY calendar entries! Not Contacts!!!!!
    That said, herein lies the problem that some of you may not have thought of. If you can't sync the contacts and calendar, you can no longer load a new OS--leaked or official--as you will not be able to re-sync the contacts to your device! No more upgrades on OS's unless BB fixes BBLink to work with Outlook.
    Its a real shame for those of us that can't use a cloud system due to the nature of our work. So--anyone that has any sources at BB, this is the time to use them. It's a known problem by BB but not being fixed.
    If anyone has any new ideas please share them here. There are a lot of us that are in this situation and need help. Thank you!
    03-10-14 05:15 PM
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    Please add to the discussion here: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...oblems-908655/
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    03-10-14 07:12 PM

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