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    so, i try to reset my bb q10 to factory settings by performing security wipe, the process is taking about 7 hours without any progress after 96%, so i search for answer on google and a guy said that i should press and hold the power button for several minutes to make my bb error, so i could reload it from blackberry link, so i download the latest software (ver 1.2.3) and install, the program has installed now, i plug my usb cable, connect my blackberry q10 to my laptop, and it detect the device, and it said "cannot communicate with device" so i click that reload button, and it initializing the software update, but then this happen, a window popped out it says "software update encountered an error, blackberry link could not update your software, verify that you are connected to the internet" but I AM CONNECTED to wifi
    i have tried from reinstall the software to install the previous version of the software, i too have tried to check the firewall, windows defender and turn off the antivirus and i have fix all the registry with ccleaner, none of that works
    my question is, is the problem is in my laptop the software or the wifi itself?
    by the way my laptop is running on windows 10
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    01-24-18 10:41 PM
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    If I were you.... I read this > >https://forums.crackberry.com/showth...1#post10289712

    LINK is an unknown of today's updated versions of Windows and MacOS. That's what happens with OLD software.
    01-25-18 12:49 PM
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    Blackberry told me on my request, that Link is not supported by Win10. All you can try is to click right on the Link icon of desktop and try the compatible mode. Just follow the instructions. The mode enables the system to test and run under earlier versions of win.

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    02-17-18 04:46 AM

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