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    Ok, just decided to load Link onto another one of my laptops, went to Blackberry.com to download most current version. While doing that I decided to check my other laptop just to see if the version was current or should be upgraded. I find that the version available for download from Blackberry.com is and my existing laptop has version Why is an older?? version of Link what is posted on the Blackberry website for download? And where did I ever get I don't even remember installing an update for Link anytime in recent past???? Did they pull a version and repost and older version due to bugs? Issues? Just curious, really surprised me when my PC had a more current version than the website. Anybody else running

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    10-16-14 12:16 PM
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    the .56 is from the official site, and the 4.23 was an upgrade when you installed blend?
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    10-16-14 12:23 PM
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    Oh H*ll! You are correct! Thank you for the reminder. I had completely forgotten that I had installed Blend even though I knew it wasn't gonna work on my Z10 (but yet had to try anyway), and forgot that the install mentioned it was updating Link. Installed that like the day it was released and of course haven't been able to use it so I completely forgot about it! Makes perfect sense.

    10-16-14 12:37 PM

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