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    Got an unwelcome surprise while browsing my device backups, and found that NONE of my OS10 backups were encrypted. I was able to read all files in the clear. My Classic is encrypted, just as my OS4 and OS7 devices were for years. Only difference is that my older backups were encrypted, and this new device and RIM desktop software suite took that feature away from us.

    Went back into the Link preferences, and could not find an option to encrypt them. Also gone from Link are all options for enterprise email, or the possibility of desktop redirection (old RIM desktop program that created a triple-DES link through the RIM network from desktop to device, similar to BES encryption). The only password challenges are coming from the OS10 device, itself.

    Every encryption, or even password challenge, option appears to have been removed from the RIM desktop software developed for OS10 devices. This is potentially an emperors new clothes scenario, for Blackberry users who are careful to encrypt their devices, but the RIM desktop programs leave unencrypted device content on the users computer (databases, logs, and backups).
    07-31-16 01:23 PM
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    What are you talking about? All Link backups are encrypted. You can't turn that feature off.

    Of course, synced media and / or documents aren't, because they wouldn't be any good to anyone if they were.
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    07-31-16 02:48 PM

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