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    Hey everyone.

    I've been trying to solve the problem of Link not fully functioning on the latest version of Windows 10 Home 64 bit edition (not connecting to my device & not being able to do a device backup). I am using a Z30 running the latest official version of 10.3.3. My problems were with Link only & only started after I updated the Z30's OS to 10.3.3. Blend was working great even after the update to the 10.3.3 OS. Let me say now that Link & Blend were working just fine on Windows 10 Anniversary before the 10.3.3 update. BB support tells me their desktop software is not supported on Windows 10 & is no help whatsoever. Additionally, I'm aware of iTunes causing a problem but I do not have any Apple software on my system.

    But I've just come across a new problem though that hopefully someone here knows something about. After I uninstalled & deleted all remaining items related to BlackBerry & RIM using Revo Uninstaller & CCleaner free versions, I tried to install the BlackBerry 10 Desktop Software package (Drivers, Link & Blend) from BB's website. When I attempt to install the software, I get an error message that states:
    "An error occurred during the installation of the software. You must restart your computer for a previous installation before you install this software."

    I have restarted the computer several times but have still not been able to get the BB software installed. So then I connected my Z30 to the computer via USB. The option showed up on my Z30 that BB drivers were not found so I selected the option to install the software directly from my Z30. I was able to successfully install the drivers, Link & Blend by doing it that way, however it apparently is not the most recent versions of the desktop software because Blend tells me I need to update to the lastest version by going to www.blackberry.com/blend. I was able to connect to Link but was not able to complete a backup. It tells me basically to make sure my device is turned on & connected. So when I go to BB's website to download & install the lastest desktop software, once again I get the error:
    "An error occurred during the installation of the software. You must restart your computer for a previous installation before you install this software."

    I'm at a complete loss on this & pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the problem is. I've spent so many wasted hours trying to find a solution to this. Does anyone have any insight on the error & how to workaround it?
    03-27-17 04:31 PM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    03-27-17 05:41 PM

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