1. drinkmorejava's Avatar
    All I wanted to do was transfer everything from my old phone to my Z10.

    Instead, it automatically started searching my windows media player libraries, automatically created Z10 folders in my music, videos, etc, automatically started syncing media when I opened it, and after everything, it didn't even transfer my BBM contacts.

    I finally got everything worked out, but I'm not sure BlackBerry could have been more obnoxious about the whole thing...at least the phone is good.
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    04-07-13 02:53 PM
  2. lips_'s Avatar
    I haven't figured it out, but I'm hoping the option to choose what data you want to back up is somewhere in BlackBerry Link. it really is sad that the Desktop Manager for the older devices did more than BlackBerry Link does.
    04-10-13 02:55 AM
  3. grumpyaeroguy's Avatar
    angry....not completely...

    Staring at the ceiling and uttering "wtf" .... yeah.

    BB took a page out of Microsoft's playbook by fixing something that wasn't broke. Could they not have just taken the existing desktop manager, left the interface and features alone, and just make it work for OS10? I mean.....WTF
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    04-11-13 09:26 PM
  4. saxxman's Avatar
    Alright Already BBRY! Where the heck is our upgrade? Please just give us a normal Outlook desktop sync and speed up this program?!?!
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    04-12-13 11:48 PM
  5. BFHSoCal's Avatar
    Alright Already BBRY! Where the heck is our upgrade? Please just give us a normal Outlook desktop sync and speed up this program?!?!
    YEAH - WHAT HE SAID!! I'm furious too. The BB Link SW is truly terrible. I started with about 300 contacts but after using BB Link to transfer from my old phone and do the one way transfer of Outlook Contacts to the Z10, I ended up with OVER 900+ duplicates, triplicates, and fourplicates of everything! As I looked through all these multiples I realized that many of them were really old and obsolete and couldn't figure out where the heck they came from. Finally figured it out though. The SW is so dumb that it couldn't make a distinction between my primary active PST and an archive PST that I didn't remember having open in Outlook. And since the one-way transfer is also so dumb that it doesn't recognize duplicates, it just pulled EVERYTHING from everywhere! So I got one copy from my old phone, another copy from active PST, another copy from archived PST, then other multiples from a few Facebook friends and relatives. What a mess I ended up with. Too many to try to link together to clean up. This also resulted in complete inability to make voice activated calls while driving because the phone/car speakerphone couldn't reconcile all the multiples. INCINERATINGLY FURIOUS I AM!!

    The first iteration of the SW installed without problems but was very slow to work. When I tried to install the small update that came out, it first completely hung my computer, then errored out everytime I tried to use it afterwards. Complete waste of my time and energy and left me with bad berry taste in my mouth. And to make things worse, there are no updates coming from BB about when a properly functional, truly 2 way synch of ALL of Outlook will be ready.
    04-30-13 10:50 PM
  6. vespesian's Avatar
    It's an utterly useless piece of crap. Can't believe a bigger fuss hasn't been made over it. Apart from limited functionality, it's BSOD'ing people on Win 7/8 machines all over the place...!...those versions of MS windows rarely crash that hard anymore, if ever. It's actually sort of an achievement.
    05-03-13 01:54 PM
  7. Bonnie Bonzai's Avatar
    Well I'm not furious or angry but I really don't care for the BlackBerry Link - much prefer the DM (sigh) ah well there are worse things in life. LoL

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    05-05-13 12:52 AM
  8. go1ndr's Avatar
    I"m waiting for the Q10 to hit the US so I haven't had a chance to be angry at BB Link yet, but it sure sounds like a nightmare from all the threads out there.

    Certainly it is a deal-buster for me personally if they can't get the sync feature with Outlook back on (why the hell did they ever remove it in the first place--even the iPhone has it!). I can't imagine the individual that decided to remove it in the first place still having a job at RIM.

    I just read that 347 Million people use outlook 2003/2007/2010 alone in the world (241 Million in 2009 and growing at 13% a year [Marketwire] ). That has to be more people using outlook as an email client than all the rest together and it doesn't even include Outlook 365 or Outlook 2013! So why in the world wouldn't RIM keep it on the software?

    Its a real bummer about the problems you guys had with the duplicates, etc! That totally sucks! I do remember reading in the 9810 forum where I'm active, that with the new Link (and older BBDM 7.x) that you have the ability to add a backup for "Sub-Folders" under your current outlook folders. It a new choice that wasn't available on the eariler DM 6.1 and below but added on 7.1 and even with 7.1 they had a lot of problems. On the older ones you could only sync the calendar, contacts, memo (notes on outlook), and tasks, but on the newer ones and on link, it's supposed to give you an option whether to sync sub-folders or not.

    Also, in my case, I don't have a lot of music, or videos on my phone, as it's mostly for business, so I really don't care about the music sync other than to do it when and only when I want to, like the choice I have on DM.

    So, as excited as I am to get my hands on the Q10, it won't matter if they haven't added Outlook sync back on because I'll still be on my trusty 9810 running .861. A big giant BOO on Link!
    05-07-13 04:32 PM
  9. anon2100101's Avatar
    In the sum Im disappointed of BlackBerry in several ways: the Z10 has a lot of bugs and imperfections.... Im tired an much to bugged to count the list of "RIM-Jobs".... In the past the most problems with your OS5-7.1 devices were solvable with the good (old) DesktopManager.... I`ve tried to remove some of the Z10-problems by reloading the OS10 with BBLink... BBLink doesnt react in no way- Im not able to reinstall the device OS (latest OS of BBLink WTF does BlackBerry think (do they "think"?!) and what do they expect with they behavior to publish half-hearted developed devices in combination with misorientation (BBLink).... Ive returned to my good old Bold9900 and so my family does: my girlfriend and my daughter had planned to upgrade to Z 10 resp. Q10... But who needs trouble in this way. So they had decided for a htc one and a Galaxy S4... It works...:-)
    05-08-13 06:50 AM
  10. howarmat's Avatar
    link is garbage. The old BB Desktop software wasnt great but loads better than this link crap.
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    05-08-13 07:37 AM
  11. go1ndr's Avatar
    link is garbage. The old BB Desktop software wasnt great but loads better than this link crap.
    Wow Howarmat--If you say its garbage then I believe it! So now what--when the Q10 does come out, wait for all the fixes and maybe a new LINK upgrade?

    Isn't this Dj vu Think back to when the first 7.0 DM Software came out and all the issues they had with syncing, etc. It wasn't until at least 3 or 4 updates that it started to work correctly. Actually, I still use the trusty 6.1 version because--it works!

    So as one of our trusty Mods, should I wait on the Q10 for the outlook sync to be added and the LINK to be updated so it will work? LOL-what a loaded question!
    UPDATE: This is why I never get on the BB Forums! I just posted a thread asking if anyone had heard when or if RIM was going to add the Outlook sync via usb to Link. 2nd reply was from a mod named "NJBlackberry" who stated or inferred that afterall, "he (me) speaks for everyone in the US that is syncing to Outlook!" I did state this when asking my question. I said that everyone in the US that uses Outlook is interested in this question and its a true statement but I certainly didn't mean to come off like a know it all. LOL--
    His avatar says "grumpy Mod" so I just replied that I was surprised at his reply considering he is a Moderator. Man, everyone on here is so much more helpful and nicer. LOL.
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    05-08-13 12:56 PM
  12. Michael Warriner's Avatar
    it's really took a lot of the joy from the z10 away i can't back-up or use it the load music i see nothing it's at all good for
    05-13-13 02:24 AM
  13. rabihadada's Avatar
    For God sake just kill that software the BB Link it is not use, damn slow and interfere with my business. All my documents attributes are screwed up and some files I cannot open. Been using BB for decades since day one and never had problem or ever complained about BB Desktop, just bring it back. For two months now I have sync with my Outlook nor feel comfortable with the back ups I have done; with Desktop I had control like driving my own car the way I want and how and when I want.
    05-13-13 02:43 AM
  14. PJD642's Avatar
    Just to pile onto the bandwagon here, Link sucks. Friends who also have FB or Twitter accounts are now associated with those accounts in Contacts, and if I toggle off FB or Twitter people so I don't have 5 bajillion people in the Contacts list, then they don't show up when I search contacts in the Phone app!!! As someone else said, WHY couldn't Link just copy my contacts from my 9930 and not do all this other stupid shyt? I don't need to pull bookmarks from my PC onto my phone either!!!
    06-16-13 08:52 PM
  15. Novaone's Avatar
    I agree with the sentiment that BBLink is ffing terrible. It is pretty slick on first impression, but it is so slow, and their is so little control.

    I hate doing backups! I hate syncing my media, I hate that I can't select to back up txt and phone logs etc, and email, and leave the rest.

    The two way sync is ******* idiotic, I don't want my computers files to trigger removal of say pictures or video from my z10. I would like if it worked like it used to, new files detected on the device copy update your computer's library. That's all.

    It is one terrible aspect of the BB10 user experience. And it is so slow to mount a drive in Explorer, so that I may drag and drop.

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    06-17-13 01:12 PM
  16. SubCamp's Avatar
    Me, it's slow and sometimes and is unresponsive..

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    06-17-13 01:17 PM
  17. babs24's Avatar
    can anyone tell me how to delete videos from blackberry link? i'm not able to just select and delete, because there's no delete option once the videos are selected.
    06-19-13 05:51 PM
  18. SteveBB10's Avatar
    I miss BlackBerry desktop manager that thing was so easy every thing could be done with the click of a button. But this new link is a piece of sh!#.

    Sent via my Z10 support your local paramedics run with scissors.
    06-19-13 06:08 PM
  19. perking's Avatar
    Count me in.
    The problem is not only about a nightmare performance of BBLink, but also the lack of alternative method of backing up and restoring data. While we had BlackBerry protect on OS7, I still don't understand why BBRY doesn't allow us to backup by it.

    Posted via CB10
    06-19-13 06:13 PM

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