1. SmellWhole's Avatar
    If you're seeing your pc in File Manager, but it appears blank after trying to load, fresh starts are in order.

    1. Sign out of BBID on Link
    2. Close Link
    3. Reboot your computer (make sure it's connected to wifi)
    4. Turn off your BB10 handset and turn it back on (make sure you're connected to wifi)
    5. Open Link
    6. Sign into BBID on Link and complete the steps (click Finish)
    7. Immediately connect your BB10 handset to the pc using a USB cable and leave it connected for a while so that it can finish initializing, etc. (5-10 minutes is good)
    8. Open File Manager to see if your pc will load on it. If it does, check a few files to make sure you can access them.
    9. Now you can close Link (make sure the option to do that and stay connected is checked in Link's Preferences -- Link will stay minimized in the tray -- and close File Manager.
    10. Unplug your BB10 handset from the USB cable and in a few minutes open File Manager again to check pc file access, and it should work.


    If you turn off your handset's wifi, leave, and come back home, you might have to reconnect your BB10 handset to Link with the USB to re-establish the connection. Even this might not be enough sometimes. You might have to follow the steps above, and the device restart part is important! Often in this situation no amount of fiddling around, nothing other than a restart will re-allow the connection.
    05-14-14 09:12 PM
  2. BCITMike's Avatar
    I'm starting to find lots of Events related to Link appearing in the Event Log. Seems I have issues with mDNS, and quick googling shows iTunes ran into this issue years ago with their Bonjour service. Event log is worth looking at for errors that appears *right* when you know Link started misbehaving or something.
    05-15-14 01:24 AM
  3. rai187's Avatar
    When I got to the part where I navigate the PC files via USB plug in it still shows up as a blank screen. Effin link.

    Posted via CB10 on the Z10.
    05-15-14 02:12 PM

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