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    I'm not that tecchy but my OH is, we have spent half the summer working thought ACT! database with the Handheld Contact app to no avail, then trying desperately to get Outlook to sync with the phone so that I have a proper working diary for my self employed role where I travel the country and being able to have a useful customer database. As you can imagine having address details syncing, even if only in contacts and not in the diary, was pretty critical to helping me leave paperwork behind. Outlook was just not having any of it, and we looked an umpteen of the workarounds listed here. They were either too much of a ball ache or didn't work at all.

    Finally ONE post mentioned Akruto. And it works! It's a bit of a fiddle if you haven't already installed Snap as you'll need it (if you do load it DON'T Google for extra instructions on how to side load it, just get to the point where it says it's installed, going further means you add IP address(es) that mess it up). You then download Akruto to the PC and it will wirelessly sync with the phone. We had a few issues knowing which details to put in when adding the MS EAS account to enable it to work (the Akruto help desk were brilliant, although chat was down at 6pm we got a succession of emails over half an hour helping us to set it all up) but ultimately it seems to be working well.

    I need to test further, and have asked for clarification, but it seems to work the way I want it to, syncing phone number from the phone to Oultook and everything else in the opposite direction. If I find any significant problems in my 7 day trial I will update this thread and perhaps won't be buying it ($2.99 a month, no idea how that will translate to UK)!.

    A big recommend and the only thing that has stopped me from trying to resurrect my Lumia 920 which I thought with a factory reset to stop it dropping calls might talk to Outlook/Outlook.com to give us a solution. I am NOT won over by BB10, not one bit, and I had a Bold and a Torch, but now I want more from my phone this syncing is a BIG issue.
    09-29-15 06:59 AM
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    If you ask me, you should move to the cloud. Most people complaining about sync issues are those still bent on doing cable sync. On that, I'll take all your complainers word on BB10 not playing nicely (I don't do cable sync since the 9780 days).

    Do you have an Outlook.com account? If so I'd get your MS Outlook contacts exported into a CSV file, imported into the Outlook.com account and the simply add said account to your BB10 device. BB10 and Outlook.com sync without issues back and forth (extra benefit: you'll also sync Outlook.com's calendar and tasks).

    To avoid duplicates, once the contacts are imported into Outlook.com, clean MS Outlook's database and then add the Outlook.com account to MS Outlook. It too will sync and now every time you make a change (be it on the Web client, MS Outlook or BB10) the change will ge through to all access points. I find this to be a better solution. If your device is lost, you suit stolem and you dropped in the middle of nowhere, you only lose the hardware. And all done without extra cost.

    What's a OH, btw?
    09-29-15 08:43 AM
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    Other half, DH in the States.

    I don't want to use Outlook.com for everything, we kind of gave up when it seemed to be only importing individual files and there was no promise of it syncing beyond that at all. The instructions I found were that I would need to set up an outlook.com email address (I have an account but not that) to put onto Outlook 2013 in order for this all to work. I needed it to pull across People (including notes), Calendar, Tasks etc and have them all easily accessible exactly as they are in Outlook itself. I also am on Office 365 which seemed to complicate things further. I do not want complicated two way syncing and overwrites and frankly by that point we lost the will to live. I read of so many issues even using Outlook.com (some people still having to use Gmail to sync somewhere in between). The whole thing was a confusing and often conflicting mess with advice on here and elsewhere starting to fry our brains, you may well be right but too many other people report problems. Akruto once on is extremely simple and pain free. And the Passport will be my last Blackberry because of all of this.
    09-29-15 10:24 AM
  4. sbloom's Avatar
    For anyone reading, Akruto worked until we went to a different broadband provide who uses changing IP addresses, and the workaround that Akruto gave us didn't work. Still have a BB that won't sync with Outlook!
    10-05-16 12:27 PM

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