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    Like lots of you, I have had many variants of BlackBerry phones over the years and still utilise a PlayBook. Up until today, I was even employing my work SIM card in an old Curve just cause I refused to 'drive' the Windows phone they'd issued me!

    The BlackBerry Link \ Windows 10 issue has been driving me nuts over the past few weeks, not being able to backup my PassPort. Thanks to all of the CrackBerry posted info, I did the following :

    1. Unistalled Link & Blend.
    2. Restarted Windows 10 laptop.
    3. Installed Link and drivers, but not Blend, from the website download.

    Over the years I have acquired a collection of BlackBerry leads (cables), USB & plug. Four of which are of the PassPort type/variant. My most recent purchase was a brand new PassPort SE, which I had setup and stashed away in its box (nine or more months ago) for a rainy day. For some strange reason I had tagged it's lead with Dymo tape.

    For me here lies the SOLUTION for Link failing to recognise/backup our phones. The lead that came with your new phone is critical!

    Despite stashing away the PassPort SE, I had been using its ( tagged) lead and a culmination of the other three for my daily PassPort (one USB lead permanently in the car etc.). In the early hours of this morning, I pondered whether leads make a difference because sometimes I get a charging message saying something along the lines of 'by using the lead which came with the phone, you'll get a faster charge'.

    I backed up the PassPort SE with its tagged lead, first attempt. On trying all three similar leads to backup my daily PassPort , two failed to recognise it before the third lead immediately secured the backup.

    If this doesn't provide all of you with the fix for this unrelenting Windows 10 drama, I hope it at least LEADS to the answer for some!

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    05-18-17 01:42 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    It's something to try... glad it worked for you!

    I'm on BB10.3.3.2205, running Windows 10 Pro OS Build 16199.1

    No itunes installed
    No security or malware running during testing.
    Unplugged all other USB connected hardware
    Uninstalled BlackBerry package and used Regedit to remove all traces of BlackBerry
    Rebooted PC
    Redownload fresh copy of desktop software (boy do they want you to update to Android)
    As the computer Administrator I installed LINK and Drivers (as suggested I left off Blend)
    As the computer Administrator I ran LINK
    Use three cables that I have with the BlackBerry Symbols on it (not sure what was for my PlayBooks and what was for my Z10)
    Plugged into every USB port

    Too be honest, think the issue is more the BlackBerry Device Drivers and Windows 10.... maybe if I wasn't on a beta version of Windows?

    Really need a sticky with all the things to try.... and you're using the original cable could be added.
    05-18-17 09:32 AM
  3. electrician eric's Avatar
    AAhhh! I had been fighting with this again for the last couple hours until I came across this post. Did not uninstall or reinstall anything. Removed all devices from link and still got the "backup did not complete" message when I added it again. Then I found this post and pulled the cable from my charger and swapped it with the generic cable I was using. Currently backing up, Thanks!
    05-20-17 11:34 AM
  4. sonmort's Avatar
    Excellent electrician eric, glad it worked for you too!

    Posted via CB10
    05-20-17 03:42 PM
  5. gillies4's Avatar
    Hello sonmort, I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and BlackBerry Link stopped working.
    I fought it for a few days before finding your solution. It worked immediately.
    Many thanks.
    01-05-18 09:08 PM

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