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    I have a BB Leap and I very often have a wired headset plugged into it. I will get a voicemail and I will attempt to listen to it by clicking it in the Hub or the VVM page. I cannot hear anything through the headset even though when I look at the phone it indicates the headset is plugged in and that the sound should be coming through it.

    When I unplug the headset I can hear the VM through the handset or the speaker if i choose. Just never through the headset.

    I take calls and I can hear other sounds, like music through the headset, so I know the headset works.

    I would like to hear VMs through the headset. Any ideas?

    I have restarted several times and I have not been able to find anyone with this same problem in a web search.

    10-05-15 01:02 PM

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