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    I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could make my own phone case for the blackberry leap?
    Or at least somewhere that offers different types of cases. I feel like as blackberry users we're getting left out so much for phone cases
    07-23-15 11:52 PM
  2. adonesc's Avatar
    Since I bought my Leap quite soon after it was released in the market, there weren't many cases around. But Incipio were among the first to come out with serious cases for the Leap.

    I purchased two from them (Frost and Translucent Black) and I really like them. Pretty stylish and compliment the phone quite nicely. They are flexible enough but don't feel cheap like most plastic / silicone cases.

    Best of all, they cover the buttons but in a well thought out and well designed way so that I don't have to press like crazy to change the volume, or turn the phone on or off

    Now before I start sounding like a salesperson, here is the link:


    They used to have pink also, but I guess they are out of stock. I like the Frost one because it goes nice with the "space-grey" Leap I have, and I can see the BlackBerry logo on the back, plus it makes the phones look quite nice. But the Translucent Black is not bad either, quite elegant.

    Oh the Incipio logo is etched discreetly on the back, the same colour as the case, unlike some other brands. Which insist putting a large one and messing your phone...

    Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!
    07-24-15 07:21 PM

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