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    What is the maximum G I can use when installing an SD card in a BlackBerry Leap?


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    03-10-18 06:47 PM
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    03-10-18 06:53 PM
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    Thank you my friend, but I did not understand the table well, and I don't know what is FAT or exFAT!
    Will you explain to me how many G can I purchase the SD for the BlackBerry Leap

    Much appreciated

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    03-11-18 05:34 AM
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    "Expandable memory - Expandable memory via hot swappable microSD memory card (Up to 128 GB)"
    Was the answer when the LEAP came out. Because that was the limit of the card size back then. But the Link above gives the updated answer. The limit is whatever the micro-SDXC card's capacity is, it seems. Currently that's 400GB available for retail (2017), but 128GB is commonly available for retail, with the theoretical limits set to 2 Terabytes or 2 TB, not available commercially yet it appears.
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    03-25-18 05:52 PM

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