05-26-15 06:19 PM
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    It's difficult to compare the Leap with the Lumia 930 since I think they're made for different segments of the market. The Leap feels and looks like an entry level device (design, plastics, lower specs) and made for business (the formal, professional feel of the BB10 OS) whereas the Lumia feels and looks high end (aluminum sides, attention to design details, incredible camera) but more of a general purpose device (animations and live tiles from the WP8 OS). If you place the Passport next to the 930, you'll notice that they're beautifully-crafted phones. When you start using them, you'll see that BB10 is more of a professional, get-the-job-done kind of phone while the 930's WP8 OS is more flashy and interesting to look at and use. I mentioned in a different thread that the Leap could be compared to the Lumia 635 or 640 due to the entry level yet functional experience of both. I have always been a fan of Nokia phones but I find myself going back to my Passport and (previously) Z30 more often than not. The Android OS feels sloppy to me (I have a Nexus 5) and iOS feels clumsy but pretty (I have the iPhone 6+). You'll find my SIM chip in my BB phones more often than in any of the other phones I have because the OS functional, efficient, can run Android apps if necessary, and is different than what everyone else uses.
    05-20-15 08:00 PM
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    You seem to the best phones in of all OS's. That is very nice.

    Is lumia 930 worth it? Planning to buy.
    Or should I wait for 940?

    How do you compare it to iPhone 6+ which is almost double the price of 930?

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    05-20-15 09:08 PM
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    The 930 is a great phone and will get the WP10 upgrade. If you can wait, I'd see what the next high end phone is (due, supposedly, in Nov) and if it's not all that, then get the 930 (which will be cheaper by then). If you need/want a high end phone now, get the 930 (or a Passport).

    The iPhone is a really good phone (great display, really good camera, nice design) but it's overpriced and just catching up to other phones (like getting NFC...but not full NFC like others). The iOS and I don't get along well so even with the hardware and app availability, it's only my third favorite phone to use in my collection.

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    05-21-15 09:33 PM
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    Here are the side and front shots. The back is kinda grippy; the sides aren't glossy smooth like some Lumia phones are. Rather, the sides just feel like plastic (if that makes any sense). My only complaint on the design is that there's too much bezel on the top and bottom. My Lumia 930 also has a 5" display but it's a little shorter than the Leap.

    So far, the Leap is running like a champ and taking the Android apps just fine.

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    Awesome shots, are you planning on adding a flex shell too? If you do, pics please.

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    05-23-15 02:23 AM
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    That phone looks killer. I want to get one. That white like better then the shadow grey. (my opinion) need to get one to replace my old z30.

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    05-26-15 03:01 PM
  6. matthew550's Avatar
    No shell, sibeans. I like my phones in the open (yes, I'm taking a chance) so I can see the design/colors. :-)
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    05-26-15 06:19 PM
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