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    Sorry if this was already brought up, I'm short on time for reading through the forum.

    I wanted to know how the Blackberry Leap compares to the Classic for signal strength.

    Currently I'm using an LG G3 in the K/W area on Fido, and my signal is atrocious. I think it's just a result of a weaker antenna on LG's part, though I find that searching "Fido" + "LG" is usually accompanied with "bad signal". So maybe it's not a winning combo. For the record my wife has also gone through two G4's on Fido, both with the same signal quality issues.

    I had a chance to try my SIM in a Blackberry Classic and the signal was AMAZING. Where my LG normally gets -110dBa the Blackberry would have a consistent -68dBa on LTE, and where the LG would be from 1 bar EDGE to a dead signal the Classic would still have 1 bar LTE.

    Unfortunately I'm not able to source a new Classic, and I find second hand deals sketchy. I know Passports are on sale right now, but size, form factor, and the yet lower price are considerations that sway me toward the Leap.

    If anyone has had the chance to do side by side comparisons between the Leap and Classic on the same network and can comment on signal performance I would very much appreciate it!
    10-28-16 06:45 AM
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    I own a Leap and my wife owns a Classic, and we live a part of the year in a remote rural place in new Brunswick and the other part of the year in Nunavut (even more remote) and we've never had any network signal issues. Like you said the Classic has great signal strength, and I've had no problems with the Leap. The only thing you'll notice about the Leap is the WiFi antenna is not as good and it won't pick up from as far away as for Classic does, but it's worked well for me in a two storey place, or while on public Wi-Fi. I find BlackBerry makes great phones for signal quality regardless of whether it is an entry level phone like my Leap or the mid level of the Classic, you'll still notice great signals.

    Leap with
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    10-29-16 08:02 AM
  3. Invictus0's Avatar
    It could have to do with LTE bands, you should check to see what bands your phone and Fido support in your area.

    If you want a Classic (and I assume you know of BB10's current state, limitations, etc), have you tried checking Staples?
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    10-29-16 11:30 AM
  4. jayskie's Avatar
    Thank you both for your answers.

    I'm aware of the state of bb10, with the time I've spent with the devices I know that all of my primary needs will be met, and will have to work around the few shortcomings.

    With the current price of the passport I don't think it makes sense to get any other bb10 device. At least the extra power will make running Android apps a little smoother.
    11-02-16 12:09 PM

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