1. vhl71's Avatar
    I'm having a lot of problems with my leap? reset and wipe doesn't seem to help
    Planning to load the latest manually via autoloader. I don't see any file named specific for leap. Should I used the Z30 file?
    01-07-16 04:02 PM
  2. tryfe's Avatar
    Yes. Z30, Classic and Leap share the same Core and Radio. So their autoloader can be used.
    01-07-16 05:00 PM
  3. yudiariyadi's Avatar
    What seems tobe the problem?

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    01-08-16 02:45 AM
  4. vhl71's Avatar
    What seems tobe the problem?

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    I had an update via ota - after I've updated it it started acting weirdly. Very slow and most basic functions won't work like Sms and phone calls. Tried doing a security wipe a couple of times and it still won't work well. I kept my leap in the drawer for a month or so as I was using Passport..may be that's the reason

    Anyway I did a autoloader install of the latest OS and it seems to be working fine now.
    01-08-16 10:50 AM

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