1. makaiman's Avatar
    I've a BlackBerry Leap and it is one of the only BlackBerry 10 devices I have that cannot see or connect to my Galaxy S5. I've tried everything including manual set up and no luck. Is there anyone who can help me? The Leap sees all other wi fi networks but not my Galaxy S5. All of my other BlackBerry 10 devices see and can connect easily to the S5 but no luck with Leap. Software version of Leap is
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    01-03-16 02:39 PM
  2. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    What frequency band are you using. IIRC the Leap doesn't support Wi-Fi on the 5 GHZ band.

    01-04-16 07:24 AM
  3. makaiman's Avatar
    I'm not sure. Never had this problem. Can you help me check? Thank you!
    01-29-16 10:23 PM

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