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    I'm having many problems with my phone

    1. My browser (as well as other apps like my music) will randomly shut down, reduce the 'window' on its own to a faded 'tile' and not be able to be accessed without completely closing the app)

    2. My contacts will not consistently display - sometimes I get a message saying I have no contacts when I try to use the function, other times only phone numbers (not saved names) will display

    3. Hub won't allow me to open emails. When I try it either is 'unable' to display message, or opens a blank screen then shuts down and starts 'preparing' the hub as if I did a reset or something.

    This is my second Leap in 9 months. I have dealt with carrier to no avail. I want to stay with BlackBerry but this is making Samsung look really good. Any suggestions?

    (phone crashed twice during this post)
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    08-06-16 07:11 AM
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    Regarding issue #1, can you post a screenshot of the Memory tab of Device Monitor with no other apps open? Do you also have any Android apps installed on your phone?

    This usually happens when the OS is running out of memory. It's rare but could happen more frequently depending on the apps you have installed.
    08-06-16 09:55 AM

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