03-10-15 10:30 AM
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    I can't even understand half the posts in here. Literally.

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    Guess, that what's happened when BlackBerry doesn't do better...

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    03-10-15 10:23 AM
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    You would expect much more with that name (Leap)!
    My guess would be that the name suggests BlackBerry is asking consumers to take a Leap of faith.

    No just read the specs, just the processor alone is better, faster etc.allowing better multi tasking which i believe is one of BBRY's best features. You think all BBRY internal aren't Chinese built by the lowest bidder at Foxconn then your most likely in for a huge surprise. Its just an example Dave showing that BBRY could build a cheaper device, marketed towards the enterprise market. I'm not jumping up and down screaming its better and faster than anything around like you do about BBRY...i'm simply stating it can be done cheaper cause $279 isn't the cheapest low end device out there when using outdated older hardware.
    The hardware is only one part of the total speed equation of a phone/computer. Typically, apps determine the speed followed by the OS. An OS can be coded to fully take advantage of lower specs and thus produce a faster user experience and can be made even "faster" if the app[s] are also coded to take full advantage of the OS. That is why some Android apps work better on some Android handsets and dismally on others. That is why iOS apps run awesome even though the iPhone has historically been behind the times in terms of hardware. And that is why we need more Built-for-BlackBerry apps.

    Two examples of this are Linux and the iPhone. Many Linux distros can be installed on 15 year old computers with bare the minimum specs and still run faster than the same computer with a clean install of XP.

    The iPhone? Android users to this day still laugh at the iPhone's "pathetic" specs. Even iPhone users cry year after year about them, too. iOS is fully optimized to run on processors that Apple designs to be optimized with the OS and with apps that Apple ultimately fully controls to be optimized with OS. Specs do not matter with the iPhone.

    Has blackberry done their homework here with complete market studies? I for one, would have thought that most large companies are fully on board with BYOD. Mine certainly is, a 5000 employee oil co.

    This phone is a leap of faith, also agree with the other threads, just a terrible name for this phone.

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    Chen has been on record a handful of times over the last few months stating that he has done his research, have spoken with businessmen and women, have spoken with start-ups, enterprise, and so on. Both the Classic and the Leap are the results of that research.

    I do agree with your comment regarding BYOD, but some entities do want/need total control over internal communications. My understanding of the Leap is that it is not for established companies to purchase in bulk but for the small start-up who only needs a handful of phones.

    I can't even understand half the posts in here. Literally.

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    Typical consumerism: wanting the best product at the lowest price. And I thought us Americans felt entitled...

    And then there are the users who do not understand RIMs/BlackBerry's history, Chen's vision for BlackBerry, and so on.
    03-10-15 10:26 AM
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    why would the enterprise market want an all-touch phone?

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    03-10-15 10:30 AM
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