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    04-08-17 02:42 AM
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    I'm not sure "hope" really has much of anything to do with it.
    I hope you're not using a Blackberry just for whatsapp... If that were the case then Hope was lost L O N G ago!

    I would hope you'd find the many other quality offerings in your device, along with the multitude of downloadable apps.

    Now.. having a better understanding as to choices in the way of hope, whatsapp, Blackberry and life, the universe and everything... you should be able to make a more educated decision as to where to transfer that hope, to keep it alive and more easily give up any hope you may have had regarding whatsapp and Blackberry 10.

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    04-08-17 03:31 AM
  3. adonesc's Avatar
    None. BB10 is an OS that is in its way out, unfortunately...

    Respect My Autoritah!
    04-29-17 05:22 AM
  4. A Noise Annoys's Avatar
    Would the Android app via Cobalt still work?
    05-01-17 09:14 AM
  5. Drenegade's Avatar
    Download DISA messenger from the Google play store.

    It's a third party client that works for both facebook messenger and whatsapp. You get hub notifications and sending media works just fine.

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    05-01-17 09:27 AM
  6. glwerry's Avatar
    Would the Android app via Cobalt still work?
    Nobody knows. This is part of the issue for people.
    It sounds like possibly WhatsApp will turn off access at their SERVERS, in which case all the BB10 access would be gone.

    So, I would NOT count on being able to use it after June.
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    05-01-17 10:01 AM
  7. Ment's Avatar
    Would the Android app via Cobalt still work?
    It should still work, its the BB10 native app that won't be able to connect to server. That said the Android app already has issues with uploading media, some workarounds are available with WA Fixer; long term more issues are sure to arise. DISA works because its a web wrapper but the WA plugin is not made by the DISA devs so you'll have to trust whoever wrote it instead of the DISA.
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    05-01-17 11:05 AM
  8. A Noise Annoys's Avatar
    Thanks all for your replies.

    I don't use WA myself, my question was for my mother who's using WA via my old Z10 to keep in contact with her grandson who refuses to use anything else. If it was simply a case of loading Cobalt and downloading the app via Google Play, even patching it I'd do it. But media is the issue here, my nephew sends a lot of pics and video of his kids via WA and if media is wonky even with the Google Play app then my mother's not equipped to deal with that.

    I think I'll give her my Lumia 650 that I bought as a back-up, as far as I can tell Windows Phone is still supported by WA.

    Thanks for all your help!
    05-01-17 11:32 AM
  9. ChrisLeNeve's Avatar
    Email Nemory, he has an android version that works pretty well.


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    05-01-17 01:35 PM
  10. Ment's Avatar
    If it worked well Nemory would offer it on BBWorld which would earn him a pretty penny. Last I heard he abandoned the project since it relied on web wrapper and was slug slow.
    05-01-17 03:08 PM
  11. richdb's Avatar
    Just look over here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?sto...08904995930506

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    05-05-17 08:07 AM
  12. kjpeigan's Avatar
    Uhhh... texting, group texts... :-)

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    05-05-17 11:52 PM
  13. unichips's Avatar
    Nobody knows. This is part of the issue for people.
    It sounds like possibly WhatsApp will turn off access at their SERVERS, in which case all the BB10 access would be gone.

    So, I would NOT count on being able to use it after June.
    That kind of depends on what change is triggering the drop in compatibility.

    WhatsApp might be deprecating an older server-side API in favor of a newer one, but they don't intend to update the BB10 app to make use of this new API. In that case, it wouldn't really be a matter of the servers deliberately singling out and banning devices that identify themselves as being BB10; rather it would just be a case of BB10 devices no longer speaking the same language as the central servers -- they would not be able to reach the point of trying to identify themselves to one another in the first place. If you were to install an alternative app (such as a patched copy of the Android APK version), which does know how to speak this new API, then it ought to continue working.

    They may be phasing out support for an older (potentially compromised) end-to-end encryption scheme. The participants in a WhatsApp conversation need to negotiate an encrypted session. If the apps at either end of the link don't share an encryption scheme in common, then they will not be able to talk to each other. Any apps on other platforms which receive an update to replace an older encryption scheme with a newer one would no longer be able to talk to any older apps which were not updated similarly.

    On the other hand, it's possible that the core API and encryption schemes are remaining the same, but they are planning to add new mandatory features. It's possible that their marketing department considers a consistent user experience to be a central pillar of their brand, and consequently they would consider any inconsistencies across different app versions to be a bad thing. In that case, they may find it preferable, from a certain point of view, to actively seek out older versions of the app that identify themselves as offering anything less than the "complete" feature set, and banning them from connecting to the service.
    05-26-17 09:11 AM
  14. CrankyKyle's Avatar
    WhatsApp claims that shutting down support for BB10 users was due to business decisions as it brings more monetary gain to support android or ios.

    If its for monetary gain, then whatsapp can always charge us USD5 per month for all I care. Just don't put us into limbo when it comes to decision like sticking with BB10 or moving away from BB10
    05-30-17 04:14 AM
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    Check here:


    Good luck!!

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    05-30-17 09:26 AM

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