01-21-18 05:53 AM
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  1. Zinqs LLC's Avatar
    My policy is not to.install any app that I don't absolutely need and only give it the permissions that I absolutely want to grant. Finally. I monitor my apps to make sure they don't do anything they shouldn't. (Thank you DTEK!)

    I quickly delete any app that doesn't give me 100% confidence.

    How extreme is this? I don't know, but, for example, my browsers aren't allowed to know my location unless I allow that permission for a single session.

    Posted with my trusty Z10
    A launcher app would need most permissions to operate effectively. It is the face of underlying OS. In your example, browser has targeted functionality and so as apps in general. Launcher is completely different thing.

    However we do understand why users may be reluctant to authorize launchers from unheard company. Its a chicken and egg problem for us. We need to win trust of user who has no idea about ZINQS, and its a hard problem to solve. - Shakir
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    01-21-18 04:09 AM
  2. Mercuryuser's Avatar
    I trust you guys. You are developers not fraudsters or spy agencies.

    You only have to read the reviews for your other products to know this. Pretty sure if there was a problem we would know by now.

    You certainly don't need to make a launcher and spend time on crackberry interacting with people on a daily basis if your goal is to get people's info. Far simpler ways of doing that.

    These guys are a blessing to the crackberry community, look after them people . Who knows what else we can ask them to develop in future if we are willing to fund it .
    01-21-18 04:27 AM
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    I am one of those who thinks my Z30 is the absolutely perfect phone (business owner) EXCEPT for the fact that it has finally gotten to the point where the lack of apps is causing pain. Have been dragging my feet on move to Android (Keyone or other) for over a year because I do not want to give up BB10 productivity. This new launcher is a dream come true assuming it survives and all the kinks get worked out, as now i can see a path to having my "blackberry" with access to all the Android apps.
    Hi Satch67, I was where you are 3 months ago. My Z30 was my lifeline to running my business but it was showing its age... mic was getting muffled, battery only lasted half a day before requiring a charge, browser failed to load specific pages. Apps weren't really a real requirement for me.

    I moved over to the Motion a few months ago. Device is a great replacement although the camera is average at best. Android takes a while to get use to and will never be as fluid and integrated as BB10. Having said that, this launcher is making my Motion feel more like my Z30 everyday.

    Whether they can get it to integrate into the OS as well BB10 I can't comment on as I don't know the technical limitations. However, they have been nothing but receptive to everyone's requests and advice. Day by day the launcher get better and better, give it a try, you won't be disappointed and they still haven't reached anywhere near the potential of the launcher.

    Good luck with your transition. Oh. And whatever you hear about the hub, BB have done a good job, it's not the same but certainly workable. Cheers.
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    01-21-18 05:53 AM
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