1. rickzimmerman's Avatar
    Hi all,

    The problem I had with my K1 (otherwise I love it) was the signal strength problem. I got a Motion which had a stronger signal reception and didn’t drop calls, but I still prefer the K1.

    Last week I downloaded the upgrade to 8.1.0 on the K1. It’s a BBB100-1 with Build ABD796 on Bell.

    I went back to using the K1 to see if the upgrade would make any difference to the signal reception, and I’m pretty sure that it has. I’m using VoLte and haven’t had a bad signal quality or dropped call problem yet with it. Generally the signal level looks the same as on the Motion.

    Just wondering if other people have found the same thing. The K1 is such a nice phone that I’d like to go back to it.

    I’ll keep an eye on it for a while to see if it’s better and will post again in a couple of weeks.
    09-14-18 02:14 PM
  2. Remrose's Avatar
    I believe so, but that is just an impression with little testing. I have a KeyOne on Rogers in Toronto. Prior to Oreo, I use to have poor service in my condo with usual -119 to -114db range. Now I hover in -104db range and display will now show LTE+. Never did that prior, only LTE. What has been the true benefit, is the WiFi calling that is now available with Oreo, so lower signal in condo, is a moot point now.
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    09-16-18 07:24 AM
  3. rickzimmerman's Avatar
    Yeah if it was a problem that could have been corrected (or at least improved) with a software update they should have done it right off the bat.
    09-16-18 09:14 AM

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