1. SoxFan's Avatar
    By my count, less than 30 seconds to reboot. Seems like 3-5x faster than the PRIV?

    I wonder if they can get it shorter on this device or if it will take better hardware? Look how far they have come on boot up, speed, battery life.

    Just shows you can't look at just the hardware specs. Doing that, this device doesn't seem much better than the PRIV, but it's an another world ahead. It's a pleasure.

    I said before: this is what the Q10 should have been (or earlier). Wow, they took a long time to get it. Now they've nailed it, but I fear it's too late to be relevant competitively.

    So many billions and such product leadership/market share lost so quickly. Anyway, so far this is a great device.

    Thanks to all on this board who have provided so many helpful tips!
    06-17-17 10:33 PM
  2. europolska00's Avatar
    I'm also very pleased with the boot speed.
    06-17-17 10:37 PM
  3. trombetta's Avatar
    Agree. Pleasantly surprised. So wasn't the AT&T rep who switched out a new SIM card
    06-18-17 12:03 AM

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