1. Rowe6's Avatar
    You sure TCL don't have a sneaky hand in Android Wear 2.0 somewhere because there's currently an amazing race between who can make me wait the longest.

    TCL are currently losing the race with android wear 2.0 making me wait after several delays
    getting android wear 2.0 to my Huawei smartwatch

    I wonder how much damage android wear devices would do to this glorious battery in the KEYOne?
    04-20-17 09:33 AM
  2. RCM78's Avatar
    I feel your pain on the KEYone but you're not missing anything on AW2.0. There is a growing movement in the Google support forums where people are demanding that Google let us roll back to AW1.5. Google made some incredibly strange choices in 2.0. It is far from the glorious watch OS we were all waiting for.
    04-20-17 11:48 AM
  3. Rowe6's Avatar
    Oh really that is concerning news. I've even ditched the watch at the moment it's so rubbish, was hoping aw 2.0 would get it back on the wrist.
    04-20-17 11:50 AM
  4. RCM78's Avatar
    And for what it's worth, AW2.0 didn't impact the battery life of my DTEK60 any more than AW1.5 did... which is pretty much negligible.
    04-20-17 11:50 AM
  5. RCM78's Avatar
    Oh really that is concerning news. I've even ditched the watch at the moment it's so rubbish, was hoping aw 2.0 would get it back on the wrist.
    I'll let you be the judge since everyone will have a different take on it but there are a number of key things that Google did that make little sense. Here are some of the biggies:

    1 - From the watchface, swiping left OR right brings you to watchface selection and long pressing takes you to watchface options. THREE critical home gestures dedicated to changing your watchface. 1 or zero gestures would have been sufficient. Most would have been more than happy to change watchfaces through settings, I know I would rather have useful gestures from the home screen.

    2 - The only way to get to your apps is by pressing a hardware button now.

    3 - Notifications are all over the place. They are not bundled like on AW1.5 and just mix in with running apps, etc. So many more swipes and taps are required to do anything with notifications now.

    4 - You can no longer answer an incoming call from the watch, you can only decline. This one is almost as mind blowing as #1 above. I wear BT headphones in my skiing and cycling helmet almost daily and used to answer calls from my watch all the time.

    The hope is that Google did a massive redesign of the core OS and will be changing functionality with subsequent revisions but who knows. I liked AW1.5 much better than AW2.0.
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    04-20-17 12:00 PM

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