1. flexmaen's Avatar
    I know that you usually shouldn't touch Androids working memory since it is always full because of its design.

    However my phone with its 3GB RAM sometimes gets slow, and will be faster when I close all active apps.

    Sometimes some RAM-Manager appered, telling me things like "Firefox needs 900MB RAM".

    So my question is:
    How can I start this RAM-Manager manually? It seems to be a feature of the phone since I can't remember installing something like that. Also this would require root rights I guess.

    Are there any other useful things I could do to make myy phone faster again?
    02-16-20 11:59 AM
  2. Vasilios Patras's Avatar
    clear the cache regularly as apps hog valuable space. only load the apps you use. not an expert on the ram customization but I would leave it default as it causes other problems when you mess with it. third party apps that claim to optomize ram may do more harm then good.
    02-16-20 12:14 PM

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