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    Notice that some Service Providers offer Wi-Fi Calling in Canada, at this time limited to certain models of iPhone, LG and Samsung. Though know it is functional with KEYone on Rogers, anyone know if this also functions with KEY2 (has technical capability from their manual) and which provider? I am presently with Bell who indicate will be available on more devices in the future. I would be open to switch if available from any providers.

    Anyone used Wi-Fi Calling while travelling overseas?
    08-25-18 05:12 PM
  2. scrannel's Avatar

    Anyone used Wi-Fi Calling while travelling overseas?
    All the time. On T-mo USA and when abroad -- because everyone seems to have wifi these days -- I use it at least 85% of the time. Works perfectly.
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    08-25-18 06:21 PM
  3. Brai7's Avatar
    So I have a Rogers KeyOne but I currently in Germany with Voda SIM.

    How does WiFi calling work? Can I just call Canada directly? Any things I need to do before calling?
    08-28-18 08:33 AM
  4. TrueNorth85's Avatar
    WiFi calling just uses Wifi as the signal to make calls, rather than your cellular network.

    From what I recall on the Rogers site when I signed up... even though it uses Wifi to make the call, your available minutes, etc.... still apply (long distance charges, etc...). It isn't a method to by-pass your carrier contract.

    I just use Google Hangouts to make my long distance calls in North America since it's free to make outgoing calls
    08-28-18 02:42 PM
  5. towngirl's Avatar
    Doesn't BBM have free calling? Whatapp is free. My niece calls me, Canada, from Australia - free
    08-28-18 02:59 PM
  6. TrueNorth85's Avatar
    BBM is just from app to app. So if someone has it on their phone, then yes. I don't think you can call an actual phone number (say, a landline) from BBM.

    WhatsApp is free because it uses data (but uses your phone number as your account number). I think that is part of the appeal of WhatsApp, is that it can use your contact list (phone numbers) to determine who else has WhatsApp (I find WhatsApp way too gimicky).

    With Google Hangouts, you can use the app to call an actual phone number (that doesn't have the app) for free in North America (with international rates being cheap) - or call from person to person if you both have Hangouts for free.
    08-28-18 03:31 PM
  7. jayeliyos's Avatar
    Wifi calling just need to have an internet connections as signal to make a call. And international call is different from wifi calling

    When I was travelling abroad I use MyLine for international calls and also they have an apps that you can download on apple store or play store. You can use their services using a wifi.
    you can check their apps here

    Their cheapest call rate internationally you may feel free of cost on those services that they have because of the cheap rate that they offer.
    just saying
    12-06-18 07:14 AM
  8. mh1983's Avatar
    Fongo has free calling across Canada to real numbers (not just app to app). But you'd need a new number that's tied to the app itself, in addition to the one that's tied to your phone.

    Posted via CB10
    12-06-18 11:35 AM
  9. stevec66's Avatar
    As I have unlimited calls across N.A as part of my package I don't see the need to use wifi and when overseas buy a local Sim card and save big time on what they charge you back home to use their services
    12-06-18 01:08 PM
  10. Remrose's Avatar
    To answer the original question. WiFi calling is available on Rogers KeyOne and Key2. (using ABK 892, not released by Rogers yet). in respect to others, where WiFi is great is at receiving calls in a poor service area. anyone calling your number as per a normal call, you will receive the call via the WiFi network your are connected on at the time. eg, my condo has poor Rogers service, but can still get calls from friends or clients clear and without disconnects. so not always about you calling out.
    12-06-18 06:53 PM
  11. StanVanDam's Avatar
    WiFi Calling has always worked fine on the Rogers-locked KEYone since February 2018 using official released updates, and has worked on every update since then. In February 2018, I received SMS messages and was able to make phone calls while on WiFi networks in multiple US cities, and my Rogers PDF bills shows that these calls were made over WiFi.

    To use it, you must register your phone with Rogers via their Android WiFi signup link. After that, turn on Airplane Mode, fly to the US, enable WiFi while Airplane Mode is still ON, connect to a WiFi network, then wait a few minutes for the connection to kick in, and then you'll be receiving SMS and able to make phone calls (your green phone icon in the dialer will change to a WiFi+Phone icon).

    After Oreo, you are now able to select priority of WiFi Calling, e.g. Use Cellular First or Use WiFi First. Therefore, in Oreo, you can use WiFi Calling even with your cellular radio turned on. Under Nougat, to force WiFi calling, you had to enable airplane mode, then enable WiFi.
    12-10-18 04:18 PM

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