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    My whatsapp, mails, is integrated with the hub so when new notification come up, tehy will appear in the hub. But it doens apply for the LINE. I dont know why. I'm using BB Keyone black edition android 7.1.1. - case closed. It turns out that the settings in my line regarding notification is off. Maybe this is the custom settings (because i make a new line account)
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    12-16-17 10:37 AM
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    LINE has been supported for a year now, LINE Lite for two weeks...



    Are your apps up to date?
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    12-16-17 01:03 PM
  3. naufal goray's Avatar
    Yes, it is up to date because when i open playstore, there are no mpre update.. The hub is automatically linked right? For example, when i download whatsapp, the hub will automatically add my whatsapp account? Or should i set it up manually? Because all i can see is the option to set up mails and not line or whatsapp accounts..
    12-16-17 05:54 PM

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