1. leeroy972's Avatar
    Hello to all reader,

    I've got a question.
    I have connected my Keyone on my PC computer by a USB port
    I'm using on Keyone a software called backupmobile.
    With this software I have made a backup file of my Keyone data.
    I'm sure that the file has been created in internal memomry of my Keyone. I could find it by searching its name. This file is located in the directorate Android/data/com.backupmobile/...

    When I read my memory card directly in my PC omputer. I could reach the keyone directory Android/data/com.backupmobile/... but I could not seen the file with the backup that I've made today.

    It's very strange because I see other files (previous backup) but not the new one.

    In a different way, read the directory directli in keyone give more result than read this same directory with PC computer.

    Who could help to understand and to solved my problem ?

    Best regards
    12-08-18 05:40 PM
  2. Magistros's Avatar
    if the only files that are missing are the backeup, then it sounds like it is an issue of the tool you are using... try to use something else..
    12-09-18 06:30 AM

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