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    Since a few users here are crying and ****ing about the KeyOne and telling us they are going back to their iToys.........let me share my iPhone experience and why I can never use one again.........

    ================================================== ==

    One thing I realised with my last iPhone that I wasn't aware of.

    so I have all my pictures organized in folders then further sub folders.

    So I wanted to send a picture of me before I started working out

    the folder location was:

    Pictures > Personal > Me & My Cats = FILENAME.jpeg

    I then opened Whatsapp on my iPhone to try to locate that picture from the folder and guess what? There is no folder hierarchy!! iTunes copied all the photos when I synced my iPhone into one folder called Photo Library or whatever.........

    so I have to scroll forever through my 5000 pics just to find that one photo to send it. That is a show stopper for me. I can't work like this! I then went to all the Apple forums and posted this and there is no way to create a proper file explorer kind of file system, that's how it is and I can't for the life of me figure how anyone can use a phone like that. When I asked my step dad how the heck does he use his iPhone. He's like I don't care, I just usually send me recently snapped photos from the camera and that's it. I guess peoples' needs/usage habits are different. Event though I rarely send pics, when I want to, I want to be able to find my properly organized library easily.

    Bye bye Apple

    oh and I hate iTunes and how difficult it is to use it to sync stuff, I don't even wanna start telling you the issues I faced where it would copy *some* photos and skip others? why??? because the file name is too long or it doesn't like the format which I have named the file! Seriously Apple?? why don't you choose what clothes I should wear while you're at it!

    ** end rant **

    06-15-17 09:50 PM
  2. anon(5364777)'s Avatar
    you should post this in imore. I dont think the faults of keyone compare to "issues" of itunes.
    06-15-17 10:28 PM

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