1. T_MONEY_TX's Avatar
    I used google drive to upload my phones from my Iphone. I have the Keyone now. My IG isn't showing all my photos. Whatsapp is doing the same. I didn't run the google drive all at once. I had to stop a few times.
    09-27-17 05:38 PM
  2. GLAT's Avatar
    Not sure of a solution but I use my Gmail account with Google photos to backup everything. I even put it on my old laptop and uploaded 8000 photos and videos and when I got the Note 8 and logged into the app everything was there on my phone via the cloud....my WhatsApp data backed up automatically but there is a setting for that you can adjust if you don't want it backed up.
    09-28-17 07:01 AM
  3. T_MONEY_TX's Avatar
    I am thinking when I downloaded WhatsApp and Ig and many of my apps, the full transfer wasn't complete. What do you advise I do? Thanks.
    10-03-17 11:01 AM

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