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    On Blackberry 10 - I was able to hold my finger on a photo in my email and then to either copy it, or to share it with another program and had it shared into the contact program to set it as a contact photo for a contact (only a two step process). The only thing I can do in the hub is to hold my finger on the photo and then to save it to the phone. This is a big waste of time as sharing it with another program or copying the image and then pasting it into the contact app would be ideal. I should either be able to copy it in the regular message reading pane, or to forward the message and then to click on the photo select it and copy it or share it to the contacts to make it a contact photo for one of my contacts. This functionality is a big time saver and is missing. Please add it to the hub. Does anyone have a solution for how to do this?
    06-13-18 07:08 PM
  2. ALToronto's Avatar
    Hub is not native to Google. On Android, you can do all those things in GMail, but not other email clients.

    It's a similar thing with browsers - Chrome is the only browser that automatically enters your login credentials from password keepers. If you have Chrome disabled and use another browser, all you can do is copy and paste your username and password.
    06-13-18 10:05 PM

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