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  1. genghiskhan-11's Avatar
    From my experience:

    - GPS related apps: Maps/Waze are extremely uncomfortable to use because of lag.
    - Screen rotation delay.
    - Animations stutter in general. Don't like to disable them, specially "animation duration scale" which replaces it with an bent arrow.

    Definitely not a phone for anxious or OCD people.
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    07-23-18 08:57 AM
  2. akshay_neudigit's Avatar
    I have black edition BBB100-7 and I don't feel any lag, 4 social media and messaging apps, 1 active sync account, 5 apps for my different online stores with notification always on, few other apps like one drive, keep, banking apps and it works like a charm.. Battery backup is also 1-1.5 days with data always on... you should check the settings in your power center, there might be some apps auto running in the background and consuming lots of resources..
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    07-23-18 10:18 AM
  3. wgmalcolm's Avatar
    Agreed. I've got no issues with lag whatsoever.
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    07-23-18 10:27 AM
  4. Peter Cochrane's Avatar
    Waking up the screen from sleep takes about 3-5 seconds. I can't seem to find a way to speed it up. When I first got the phone I didn't have this problem.
    07-23-18 10:41 AM
  5. skstrials's Avatar
    When I was using my Keyone silver edition, the area I noticed the most was starting the camera with the double tap to the power button. Also with the camera was taking shots in quick succession, my Keyone would lag.

    Now I switched to a Motion because of that.
    07-23-18 11:03 AM
  6. bqik's Avatar
    crackberry app...
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    07-23-18 01:37 PM
  7. bb10adopter111's Avatar
    Don't notice it at all. I'm annoyed by Android's UI in a hundred little ways, but I really haven't ever noticed a performance problem with the phone.

    Posted with my trusty Z10
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    07-23-18 03:38 PM
  8. pooyam's Avatar
    - Google maps is many times a trigger
    - Podcast addict for some strange reason
    - Heating up in my car from sunlight is a major cause. Will even mess up bluetooth audio
    07-23-18 06:15 PM
  9. rotorwrench's Avatar
    Haven't had any lag or stutter issues in general, nor with Waze, except for an instance several months ago when I developed some lag when using Google Maps. Never had the problem previously, but it started randomly lagging. I did a hard reset and haven't had an issue since.
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    07-23-18 06:31 PM
  10. blueyestm's Avatar
    I actually was noticing some slowness opening the hub recently but that may be because it was loaded with stuff. On the K2 now so....
    07-23-18 06:36 PM
  11. totalysexyguy's Avatar
    Google maps and camera have given me issues. Also, on occasion the phone is PAINFULLY slow to wake up. Usually only when I need it to respond quickly, it's like it knows...
    07-23-18 06:51 PM
  12. Btop's Avatar
    Everywhere, it's really starting to pass me off.
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    07-23-18 07:28 PM
  13. Btop's Avatar
    fixed with the latest software update
    08-26-18 10:01 PM
  14. tw820's Avatar
    I have no lag issues either!
    08-26-18 10:21 PM
  15. ragavendran C's Avatar
    only on Piktures app!
    08-26-18 11:57 PM
  16. kojita's Avatar
    ads filled pages...
    08-27-18 12:38 AM
  17. Moon_Man's Avatar
    searching for gif images on google with keyboard browser. All gifs play at once without me even clicking on them, app crashes, phone freezes.

    BB K1 BE
    08-27-18 02:06 AM
  18. kojita's Avatar
    08-27-18 06:15 AM

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