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    Hi, I have googled this and read many posts. But so far, I don't find a solution.
    I have a fixed IP address for my wifi.
    When the screen is off and locked, after a whilte, the IP address is not pingable.
    I have the sleep policy correct as follows:

    $ adb shell settings get global wifi_sleep_policy

    What can I do to keep wifi always on?
    Thanks a lot.

    I found out the wifi network was not always off. I can ping the IP successfully randomly. But in most of times, it will not be pingable. This is really wrong...
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    05-01-20 10:37 PM
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    I never had that issue.
    Do you have that problem with your apps? for example, can you still receive emessages on WhatsApp?
    if so, then it is a security issue where the low level of the TCP (I think the ping is on the 2nd level) is blocked.
    05-02-20 03:46 AM
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    You are right. I can still receive IM messages but I can not ping. This is just weird. ping is using ICMP protocol instead of TCP. I will do more tests later today. Thanks a lot for your help.
    05-02-20 06:33 AM

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