1. Zigac's Avatar
    After faktory reset and data restore I AM having an issue with whatsapp. The settings for LED color and vibration do not work. I try to set up a Green Light + vibration for individual chats and Green Light + no vibration for group chats.

    Changes do not work. I tried uninstall, restart, Hard 30s restart and nothing. LED is not working (any color) and vibration are on for both chats.

    Any idea / solution?
    12-02-17 03:12 PM
  2. Rico4you's Avatar
    Set up your notification settings from within whatsapp app. Top right hand corner 3 dots, settings.
    Then go keyone settings, apps, whatsapp, notifications and make sure conversation tones enabled. There you will the same settings under app settings that you selected within the app itself.
    Good luck
    12-02-17 06:42 PM
  3. Zigac's Avatar
    Thanks, bud that does not help either. during the time the led started to work, but only when screen is off. when screen is on it does not work. vibrations are working although i have disabled them in the app.
    12-03-17 02:50 AM

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