03-12-19 06:38 PM
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  1. medic22003's Avatar
    Just use the hub, there is nothing like it and the search function is on point. I use the hub for 4 email accounts and no other notifications, color code the personal accounts separate from work and put my work account as a shortcut on homescreen. I've tried others and can't even get through a full day before I switch back to the hub.
    Sounds familiar
    03-12-19 07:29 AM
  2. anon(10218918)'s Avatar
    R2Mail2 is a good email client, you can use it for IMAP and Exchange and you can add S/MIME and PGP encryption.
    03-12-19 12:20 PM
  3. aluiziomachado's Avatar
    I found out that if i want to have the best experience using phone and my lap i have to use gmail. If you have more than one email account the only way to have the same Inbox view foi all emails, and at the same time postpone , tags and starring using either phone or laptop (or desktop) you need gmail.
    Unless you use just your phone for every email subjects, thats the only way to have the perfect sync
    I can use HUB for whatsapp, sms and calls
    Others do not offer web acess, only apps , so you´ll never have the perfect sync (inbox, postpone, starr and tags or folders) between device and web (using lap or desktop)
    03-12-19 12:20 PM
  4. psychofox13's Avatar
    I have never receive spam email in the hub but receiving it in the outlook on my laptop..
    I don't sync my spam folders, so I don't get them. Please note the Android Outlook is not the same as Windows Outlook. They are both made by Microsoft, but have different features and capabilities. It's likely a setting you have on your laptop's Outlook, or how you have your emails syncing from the service you use.
    03-12-19 05:34 PM
  5. Emaderton3's Avatar
    Now that my employer went the MDM route, I have to use their secure apps for all of my work stuff. My big problem is that I was using my work Outlook as my universal address book. And now, it is unavailable to my personal accounts in the Hub (and dialer). I am questioning whether to keep using the Hub at this point and just move my personal stuff to the secure apps (they allow you to setup personal email accounts). Of course, I really don't want my employer to have access to my personal stuff, but it would be a lot easier.

    Anyway, they are offering us the option of either Boxer or Outlook. They are fairly similar and decent.
    03-12-19 06:38 PM
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