1. crackbananas's Avatar

    i'm just wondering what the "system apps"-tab in the update-app is good for... iam on the august-update (waiting for sept.) - the update app says, i am up to date.

    "system apps" says also up to date, but there are no apps shown...

    so my question is: what are the "system apps", which are updated via the blackberry update-app?

    iam asking, because i do not use google services (comming from cyanogen/lineage), but need this phantastic keyboard! not rootable, i know. but works fine with my FOSS-apps, and so on...

    would be perfect, if updates for apps like DTEC would come with the blackberry updates and not via play-store, but iam not sure about this.

    anyone else use the keyone without GAPPS?

    best regards
    09-17-17 10:11 PM
  2. Al moon's Avatar
    Unless you trust a third party app store e.g. aptoide to do system updates thru.
    09-17-17 11:13 PM
  3. crackbananas's Avatar
    I dont trust closed systems like aptoide... i use some apps from f-droid, which source is transparent.

    My question is simple: what are the "system apps", which are updated via the blackberry update-app?

    Would be fine, if BB would update their own apps via their update-app and NOT via play-store?!
    09-18-17 12:33 AM
  4. crackbananas's Avatar
    I received the Sept-Sys-Update yesterday, from AAN358 to AAO472...
    And it seems, that the system update includes the BB apps. I noticed after this update for example:

    DTEK: ->
    Camera: ->
    BB Launcher: ->

    So i'm not sure, but i believe, it is possible to update the BB apps without Google Play Store (but via Play Store, you will get app-updates faster)...

    Just for information...
    09-25-17 12:33 AM

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