1. doby-nut's Avatar
    The first app I've had any problem with. WaWa app since November will not run on KeyOne. From reading reviews I believe its a wide spread problem on Android 7.1.1 it locks on the very first screen the coffee cup. Support not much help send form email indicating clear cache and data for app, try again, uninstall then reinstall. Doesn't resolve issue. They indicated they are aware of problem and working on an update to hopefully resolve (since December,LOL) Anyone dealt with same and any different ways to resolve?
    Thanks team!!
    Great forum!
    BTW running on Verizon. My first and only issue. Loved using cell to pay and track rewards...
    01-23-19 07:51 AM
  2. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    Buy the new Key2 LE ? Generally if tech support of app is aware of problem with no solution..... not much us mortals can do from the outside.
    01-23-19 08:38 AM

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